Leadership, Culture & Behaviour

Are your leaders proactive in enabling resilience?

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Do you prevent, recognise & manage stress?

Occupational Health & Hygiene

Is the health of your workforce a priority?

Safety Risk Management

Do you focus on eliminating hazards & risks?

about us

We have nearly 40 years experience working in Health and Safety, across the Transport and Construction sectors. We champion Health as important as Safety, and have worked with Clients, Main Contractors and Contractors to lead and support behaviour and cultural changes.

Our Services

Maturity Assessment

Undertake a Maturity Assessment to evaluate your existing health, safety and wellbeing arrangements at both organisational and workforce levels

Skills Workshops & Training

Enhance the awareness of leaders of health, safety and wellbeing through personal assessment, skills workshops and training

Strategic Action Planning

Support you in Strategic level action planning that is integrated with existing business improvements

Health and Safety Improvement

Integrating health and safety improvements into existing business arrangements, assessing leader and team collaboration

Stress Management Standards

Developing individual and organisational resilience

Alliances, JV's, Partnerships & Collaborative Working

We also specialise in complex working arrangements such as Alliances, JV’s, Partnerships and collaborative working

our team

Clare Richardson

Clare has spent over 20 years working in health and safety in sectors such as transport (both rail and tube) and general construction

Shelley Stiles

Shelley has over 17 years experience, her experience includes a portfolio of building, civil engineering and rail construction projects

Our consultants are handpicked to ensure we deliver high standards & exceed our client’s expectations

The compliance reporting work stream is exemplary.

It both demonstrates best practice in making sense of a data rich, complex subject, with clear visual output that really helps effective management of an area we usually don’t do well and helps us to ensure that we will be a safe environment for our construction, operation and maintenance colleagues to work.

Really great work – thanks.

Strategic Safety Management Consultancy

Programme Manager


Health and Safety in Design Training

Design Manager

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