Health and Safety in Design

We were asked by our client to develop a bespoke training course for the design team to raise awareness on the subject of health and safety in design. We developed course content with the client to cover the key aspects of health and safety in design within a short training session.

Health and safety by design is the elimination or control of health and safety risks by early consideration and addressing those potential risks at the design stage. Too often the planning of new and modified works fails to take simple steps to avoid future hazards to the health and safety of passengers and workers. We recognise the importance of better planning, more consistent application of standards, good practice and incorporating advice from operators and users at an early stage would help to reduce late changes in projects to deal with emerging issues and also drive down levels of ill health, incidents and accidents in the longer term.

Our Focus
Everyone who is planning new work, or making changes to existing premises, structures and systems should be considering through good design how they can make their systems inherently safer and with less risk to health.
Our focus is:

  • The embedment ownership of health and safety by design as part of routine business management processes;
  • The routine and early application of health and safety by design principles to all projects;

A strong approach to health and safety by design by duty holders through:

  • monitoring safety trends and periodically reviewing previous risk assessments,
  • due consideration of the reasonable practicability of health and safety, including the residual risks their introduction is likely to pose;
  • recording of the optioneering assessment process, including the realistic costs and benefits of each option and the decision taken and showing how the principles of risk control have been considered;
  • a planned, iterative process for considering human factors issues throughout the whole of the design and development work, with the active participation of end users throughout.

By doing all of these things we can achieve reduced harm and costs from health and safety issues that could have been avoided though better design of infrastructure and systems.

A series of courses have been delivered with more scheduled for the rest of 2018. The feedback has been positive – example below.

“The course increased my awareness on health and safety in design. The course was engaging, it wasn’t just talking the activities were good”



If you would like to hear how we could help raise awareness of health and safety in design with your teams just send us an email